Terms and Conditions

*We – Books4Success

*You/*Your/*The Customer – Payee/User Account

We are a digital book store, we only sell digital books, these are PDF/ebooks or Audio-books to be played/read on your smartphone, laptop, tablet or ebook reader.
We do not sell hard copies/physical copies – therefor we will not take a delivery address to fulfill the order of a physical book. We have outlined on social media, our website and at checkout that you are purchasing a non-physical product.
Agreeing to these terms and conditions (which you must do in order to complete this purchase) means you are aware of this and forfeit the right to dispute any such transaction suggesting you were unaware you would receive a digital product.
It is the customer’s duty to ensure they have the correct software to play/view your digital book. The file formats we use are *.pdf for ebooks and *.mp3 for audio-books, these are standard and most devices have inbuilt applications to play/view these files.
All purchases are instantly delivered to your email address, ensure your email address and any other details are correct before completing your purchase, all sales are final.

If you are an author/publisher and no longer wish for your works to be advertised on this website please contact admin@books4success.net and they will be removed.