The Complete Debt Relief Manual

The Complete Debt Relief Manual by John Oswald


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“The Fastest Way to Eliminate
Credit Card Debt – Guaranteed”

Are you worried about your debt?  Struggling to make all your payments? Tempted to hire a debt relief company to help you?  Considering Bankruptcy?  Facing a lawsuit from a collector?  Late on your payments?  Concerned about your credit score?  The Complete Debt Relief Manual is your blueprint for keeping your money in your pocket and getting debt free, FAST, and then repairing your credit with LIGHTNING SPEED, by yourself, FOR FREE.  Don’t waste a penny on “professional help”.  The only reason those companies exist is because most people don’t know how to quickly solve serious debt or credit repair issues on their own.  They don’t have The Complete Debt Relief Manual!  But you, my friend, can change that right now.

Discover the well-hidden secrets the credit card companies, credit card debt settlement services, collection agencies, the IRS, and the attorneys, DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW!

Save thousands of dollars, stop the harassment, eliminate your debt, avoid bankruptcy, and repair your credit rating.  Step-by-step procedures can be yours today.

Need to get out of debt fast? Are you tempted to call the (800) number for one of the credit card debt reduction or credit repair services you heard on the radio? Are you considering Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Then You Need This Book Now!

The Complete Debt Relief Manual

By: John Oswald
Revised Edition

Step-By-Step Procedures for:

Budgeting, Paying Off Debt, Negotiating Credit Card and IRS Debt Settlements,
Avoiding Bankruptcy, Dealing with Collectors and Lawsuits,
and Credit Repair – Without Debt Settlement Companies


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