Building Wealth Buying Foreclosures

Building Wealth Buying Foreclosures (Digital/eBook)


BRO970x90 Building Wealth Buying Foreclosures (Digital/eBook)

?Beginning investors have long assumed that there were a bunch of good books about foreclosure. In fact, there were none. Now, fi nally, there is one good one: John Schaub?s Building Wealth Buying Foreclosures.?
?John T. Reed, author of How to Buy Real Estate for at Least 20% Below Market Value

Foreclosures are one of the biggest real estate investment opportunities available in today’s market. They also have a compelling benefit–when you buy a property on the brink of foreclosure, you’re solving that problem for the previous owner, and getting a great deal in the process. Building Wealth Buying Foreclosures helps you target top properties and get the best deal, with tips on how to avoid scams, insight into the lender’s perspective, and a checklist that helps you keep track of every step of the way.

Inside information on how to

Target only the right properties to buy
Negotiate the best price
Get a good deal on a mortgage
Make the right offer at the right time
Understand the lender’s perspective
Make sense of title insurance
Decide to rent or sell the property

“This is the most practical book on ‘doing well by doing good’ that I have ever read. My only hesitation in recommending it is that I may find myself competing against another investor who has read it because of my recommendation.”–Dr. Gary North, Remnant Review

“With foreclosures at an all time high, there?s never been a better opportunity to buy good real estate at a bargain price. John Schaub, my favorite real estate guru for 30 years, shows you how to do it without getting into trouble. This book is a gold mine of how to buy real estate cheaply and profitably. Most other real estate gurus do one or the other, but not both!รน”
–Mark Skousen, Editor, Forecasts & Strategies

“John is the master of Real Estate Investing. His books show the reader how to build a successful investment business. Building Wealth Buying Foreclosures could not be more timely. This easy to understand and friendly book is a must for anyone desiring to achieve wealth through Real Estate.”
–Lisa Moren-Bromma, author of Wise Women in Real Estate and Real Estate Investing for The Utterly Confused – Check Out This Cutting Edge Software That Shows You How To Get Easy Access To All The Private Lenders Making Loans To Investors –

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