Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you have *book title*?
A. All the books we have are listed here. All the books listed here, we have. However you can request a book using the ‘Request A Book’ page on the website.

Q. Do you sell ‘actual books’ (physical/hard copies)?
A. No. We sell Ebooks and Audiobooks.

Q. Where can I get the physical copy of a book?
A. The majority of the books we list can be found on

Q. How do I receive my download purchase?

A. Always download your purchases from the “Orders” tab (not emails). You have 5 available downloads per purchase and 7 days until the link expires. You may copy the file to as many personal devices as required – please keep in mind the expiration period.

Q. I have not received my book, what do I do?
A. There will never be an instance where after 24 hours you still have not received your purchase, however if you have tried to download directly from your email address it is likely to fail. The solution is to log into your account and download from the “orders” or “downloads” tab.

Q. I did not create an account at checkout, what do I do now?
A. Create an account then send us an email at stating your account name, purchase email address and order number so we can link the accounts and reset the downloads.